16 Ways To Stay Cool When Sleeping


While it can be great to snuggle up in a warm bed during the winter time, in can be a nightmare trying to sleep on those hot a sticky summer nights.

The guys from the Sleep Matters Club have outlined some very useful tips, to help you stay cooler in bed, on those hot, sweaty sleepless nights.

#1 Keep Air Flowing – Face a fan across you towards an open window.

#2 Upgrade Your Sheets to more lightweight linens that help keep your bed ventilated.

#3 Keep a Cool Head – Replace a larger fluffy pillow for a smaller, firmer one, which will reduce the amount of heat your pillow retains from your hot head.from storing up heats

#4 Get Comfy – If you are going to wear cloths in bed, wear loose cotton sleepwear.

#5 Damp Hair – Got to bed with damp hair, which will keep you cool while you are dropping off to sleep.

#6 Sleep Lower Down – Because heat rises, try sleeping lower down on the flow where the temperature is cooler.

#7 Cool Water Bottle – Fill a hot water bottle, then freeze it.  Use as an ice pack to cool down your bed.

#8 Cool Cloth – As an alternative to the frozen water bottle idea, freeze a damp cloth to help you stay cool.

#9 Cool Your Feet – Put your feet into a bowl of ice cool water before bedtime, and it will help you cool down quickly.

#10 Create a Cool Breeze – Hang a damp cloth in front of an open window, and this will help produce a nice cool breeze as the air flows through.

#11 Hammock – Try sleeping in a hammock, as sleeping in mid-air allows the air to flow around you and cool you down.

#12 Ice Cool Fan – Fill a bowl with ice cubes and place it in front of your fan.  As the fan blows over it the ice will melt and produce an ice cool breeze over you.

#13 Upgrade Your Mattress – Switch to a thermo regulating gel mattress which allows the air to flow more freely in your bed.

#14 Go Egyptian – Wrap yourself in a cool damp sheet, which is how the ancient Egyptians cooled themselves while sleeping.

#15 Eat Smarter – Eating smaller meals more regularly helps to reduce your metabolism, which will also help keep you cooler at night.

#16 Go Back To Nature – Swap your modern heat trapping mattress for a bamboo or straw mat.


Image credit: http://www.dreams.co.uk/sleep-matters-club/stay-cool-when-sleeping-infographic/

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