Having trouble sleeping and feeling like this?

BEFORE YOU CAN FALL ASLEEP, your brain and your body both need to be ready for sleep.  But instead of being able to unwind and slip into sleep mode easily, your head may be a buzz with ideas, thoughts, worries, concerns, or memories.

Or perhaps you feel like you’ve got a clear head, but for some annoying reason your body is just out of sync, and you feel so restless and can’t get comfortable in your bed, tossing and turning …on your back, laying on your right side, then the left, flipping the pillow trying to find the sweet spot?

Here’s how to get a full 8 hours of restful sleep

Without taking drugs, medication, drinking alcohol, or doing any weird time consuming exercises

What normally happens during a typical sleep cycle?

…And why do you wake up during the night?

A typical 8 hour sleep cycle

DURING A NORMAL ‘8 HOUR SLEEP CYCLE’ your sleep pattern is divided up into separate cycles, where you will drift from light sleep down into deep sleep and then back into light sleep again.

Many people wrongly believe that you go through a repeating sleep cycle during the night. But as you can see from the diagram, you experience different stages of sleep at different parts of the sleep cycle.  Your sleep is generally much deeper during the early part of the cycle, and it gradually gets lighter as you get closer to waking.

As you reach the top of each sleep cycle you enter a state known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement), where your brain is very close to waking.

This is why you wake up during the night…

It’s at the top of each sleep cycle during REM that most people will shift around a bit and turn over in the bed, but then settle and drift back down again into deeper sleep.  If you wake up during the night, it will usually be around the time you have entered this REM state.

If you suffer from insomnia and erratic sleep behavior, your sleep cycle will be very irregular, and in most cases you probably won’t reach a deep state of sleep for very long, if at all.

When your sleep pattern is very shallow, you spend a lot more time in and around the REM state, making it much more likely that you will wake up during the night, often multiple times.

Waking up during the night?

Your sleep doesn’t have to be this way…

Your Brainwave Activity is Stopping You From Sleeping Properly

When you’re struggling to sleep, your dominant brainwave frequency is out of sync

YOUR BRAIN CONTINUOUSLY PRODUCES tiny electrical pulses, even when you’re asleep.  These electrical pulses can be measured using specialist equipment like an EEG machine.  EEG researchers have proven that this electrical activity pulses between very specific and consistent frequency ranges.

Although your brain produces activity across the whole of this frequency range, throughout the day and night, you will always have a dominant frequency, which will reflect how you are feeling and what you are doing in that moment.

If you are struggling to sleep properly, your dominant brainwave frequency isn’t following the normal path of a regular sleep pattern.

Sleep Sync will help you to overcome this problem…

brain visualizer

Brainwave Activity and your Mental States

This is how your brain drifts down into sleep...

TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND WHY and what goes wrong in your brain when you are trying to sleep, let’s take a quick look at what happens in your brain, and how your electrical brainwave activity relates to you.

Beta Wave Frequencies

Beta wave frequencies

During the day time when you are awake and alert, your dominant brainwave frequency will normally be in the Beta range, between 12-30Hz.

Alpha Wave Frequencies

Alpha wave frequencies

If you were to close your eyes now and sit back and relax, your brainwave frequency will start to slip down into Alpha, just below Beta in the 8-12Hz range.

Theta Wave Frequencies

Theta wave frequencies

If you were in a deep state of relaxation, snoozing or almost drifting off to sleep, your brain will likely be functioning in the Theta range, between 4-8Hz.

Delta Wave Frequencies

Delta wave frequencies

When your dominant brainwave activity goes below Theta, you enter the Delta range, which is known as the ‘sleep state’,  between 0.1 to 4Hz.

How Does Sleep Sync Work?

…and how will it help you get to sleep faster, and stay asleep all night?

Brainwave Entrainment Sounds

SLEEP SYNC USES SPECIALIST AUDIO RECORDINGS containing brainwave entrainment tones and pulses, combined with volume modulation effects.  These recordings have been embedded into deeply soothing music soundtracks, which have been carefully crafted to induce sleep.

By combining these powerful effects of brainwave entrainment tones and pulses, with these amazingly relaxing sleep soundtracks, you literally have to fight to stay awake when you listen to them, and you’ll quickly find yourself drifting off to sleep within minutes.

The process of brainwave entrainment relies on the natural phenomena of synchronization.

Entrainment is defined as a ‘synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles’.

Here a few examples of natural synchronization:

Tuning forks – When you strike a tuning fork and then place another one next to it, the second tuning fork will automatically start to vibrate at the same frequency.

Pendulum clocks and metronomes – If you placed a number of pendulum clocks or metronomes in close proximity to each other, and set them all off swinging at different times, within a few minutes they will all start to swing together in unison.

Menstrual Cycles – It’s often found that when a group of women live in the same house together, their menstrual cycles will start to sync together. In college dorms, it’s regularly found that all the women on the same floor will have their periods at the same time.

Brainwave Activity – The frequency of your brainwave electrical pulses can be stimulated and influenced, by repetitive light flashing or sound rhythms and become synchronized to the same frequency of the light flashing or sound rhythms.

The natural phenomena of Synchronization


Using 'brainwave entrainment' to help you sleep

If you can relax your brain, your body and mind soon follows…

AS YOU’VE ALREADY DISCOVERED, it’s possible to measure the electrical pulse activity in your brain, which operates within specific frequency ranges, depending on how you are feeling and what you are doing.

We’ve also explained how your brainwaves respond to repetitive sound rhythms, and will start to synchronize to the same beat frequency of the sound.

Brain activity map

When you are struggling to relax, your brain is doing this…

If you want to relax but you’re currently alert and focused, your brainwave activity will be pulsing way too high, up in the mental state of Beta (12-30Hz).

To help lower your brainwave speed, you could listen to the sound of a repeating tone beating at 4 times a minute in Delta (0.1-4Hz), and your brain will eventually become synchronized to the same Delta frequency of the tones, and slip into a state of sleep.

But there is a better way…

Gradually relaxing your brain into a state of deep sleep

Instead of trying to jump straight into a sleep state from being awake and alert, we use a process of gradually reducing the frequency of the tones.  This eases you down quickly, but gradually, from the Beta state, down through Alpha, into Theta, then down further into the Delta sleep state.

To do this, we use the power of another natural phenomena, called Frequency Following Response.

Frequency Following Response (FFR)

ONCE YOUR BRAINWAVES BECOME ENTRAINED and synchronized to the same frequency of the audio beat, the frequency of the beat can then be changed, and your dominant brainwave activity will carry on changing in step with it, and follow along pulsing at the same speed of the changing beat.

This process of synchronization and following the changing speed of the beat, is known as FFR (Frequency Following Response). 

By using the power of FFR, your brainwave activity can be guided to more optimum mental states, improving your ability to focus, memorize information and stimulate creativity.

Frequency Following Response (FFR)

Sleep Sync - 'triple strength' sleep music for your brain

Using cutting edge brainwave entrainment audio technology to help you sleep better

Because you deserve a better nights sleep

Sleep Sync is a cutting edge sleep problem solution, which will help you to get to sleep faster, and stay asleep during the night. The system comes in two parts:

favicon-57All Night Sleep – An 8 hour sleep track, specifically designed to emulate a typical 8 hour sleep cycle, and keep you asleep all night.  Great for insomniacs.

favicon-57Fast To Sleep – For those occasions when you are struggling to get to sleep, but may not want to sleep a full 8 hours.

‘All Night Sleep’ 8 Hour Sleep Cycle System

All Night Sleep - Volume 1

Each mp3 track is 8 hours long and designed to help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep all night

The Next-Generation in Audio Sleep Technology

Sleep Sync’s ‘All Night Sleep‘ is a unique 8 hour sleep improvement audio track, designed specifically to emulate a perfect sleep pattern, by guiding your brain through the same frequencies normally experienced during a typical 8 hour sleep cycle.

Each track in the collection uses the exact same brainwave entrainment technology, helping you to get to sleep faster and stay asleep all night, by stimulating your brain and guiding you through an 8 hour sleep cycle.  We have combined the same 8 hour brainwave entrainment session, with 5 different soundtracks, to give you some variety and choice.

The 5 tracks in the All Night Sleep collection are: Deep Sleep, Dreamy, Drifting, Night Thunder and Sleep Harmony.  Click on the relevant play buttons below to hear a 2 minute sample of each track.

  • Engineered to quickly and effortlessly guide you down to ‘Delta level’, the brain frequency state experienced during normal deep sleep.
  • Stimulates your brainwaves and guides them through a typical 8 hour sleep cycle.
  • Helps you get to sleep faster without medication.
  • Beats insomnia by keeping you sound asleep throughout the night.
Deep-Sleep-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Deep Sleep – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Deep Sleep – ALL NIGHT SLEEP
Drifting-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Drifting – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Drifting – ALL NIGHT SLEEP
Dreamy-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Dreamy – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Dreamy – ALL NIGHT SLEEP
Sleep-Harmony-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Sleep Harmony – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Sleep Harmony – ALL NIGHT SLEEP
Night-Thunder-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Night Thunder – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Night Thunder – ALL NIGHT SLEEP


Demo tracks

 ‘Fast To Sleep’

Sleep Sync - Fast To Sleep

Each mp3 track is 1 hour long and designed to deeply relax you and help you get to sleep faster

It will get you off to sleep within minutes

In most cases we would first recommend you try using the All Night Sleep tracks, because they will play throughout the night and help you stay asleep for a full 8 hours.  However, there may be occasions where you may not want to have a track playing all night, or for that long.

On a plane or train journey for example, you may want to drop off for an hour or two, but not want to be asleep for a full 8 hours.  That’s where the Fast To Sleep tracks come in very handy.

If you normally sleep quite well through the night once you get there, but you just take ages to get off to sleep in the first place, the Fast To Sleep tracks are for you.  These tracks are designed to relax you and get you off to sleep fast.  Although the tracks are 60 minutes long, do not expect to hear the end of the track…you’ll be long gone by then.

Each track in the collection uses the exact same brainwave technology, stimulating your brain and quickly guiding you to a very relaxed mental state, before drifting you off to sleep.

The 5 tracks in the collection are: Effortless Sleep, Inner Calm, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tranquility and Velvet Waves.  Click on the relevant play buttons below to hear a 2 minute sample of each track.

  • The ‘Fast To Sleep’ collection comes with 5 mp3 tracks
  • Each mp3 track is one hour in length
  • Can be used to help you sleep at home, but also ideal on planes, trains and other journeys
  • Stimulates your brainwaves and relaxes your mind, guiding you down into sleep more quickly

FAST TO SLEEP – Demo Tracks

Demo Tracks

Effortless-Sleep-FAST-TO-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Effortless Sleep – FAST TO SLEEP – Effortless Sleep – FAST TO SLEEP
Inner-Calm-FAST-TO-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Inner Calm – FAST TO SLEEP – Inner Calm – FAST TO SLEEP
Tibetan-Singing-Bowls-FAST-TO-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Tibetan Singing Bowls – FAST TO SLEEP – Tibetan Singing Bowls – FAST TO SLEEP
Tranquility-FAST-TO-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Tranquility – FAST TO SLEEP – Tranquility – FAST TO SLEEP
Velvet-Waves-FAST-TO-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Velvet Waves – FAST TO SLEEP – Velvet Waves – FAST TO SLEEP

What Would You Give For a Good Nights Sleep?

Just imagine being able to sleep well again, not just once, but every night!

The Sleep Sync Guarantee

Try Sleep Sync Risk-Free For 60 Days

If for any unlikely reason you don't feel the Sleep Sync program has lived up to any of our promises, just drop us an email and we will refund 100% of your investment, up to 60 days from the date of your purchase.

Get your life back and start sleeping well again

It’s so easy, all you have to do is click play, and listen…

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All the Sleep Sync music tracks are supplied as downloadable mp3 files – Available to download immediately after your purchase.

favicon-5760 Day full money back guarantee.  You get a full 60 days to try and test out the Sleep Sync system for yourself.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will get a no-hassle 100% refund.

favicon-57You can play all the music tracks on any mp3 player, tablet, iPod, iPhone, Android/Windows phones, laptops, PC, Mac etc.  Headphones are NOT required.

favicon-57All you have to do is select the track you wish to listen to on your player, click play, close your eyes and listen…it’s as simple as that!

Sleep Sync System - volume 1

Instant Download – Start Using Sleep Sync Tonight

‘ALL NIGHT SLEEP – 8 Hour Sleep Cycle System’

5 mp3 tracks, 8 hours long each

You get these tracks: Deep Sleep, Drifting, Night Thunder, Sleep Harmony, Dreamy


5 mp3 tracks, 1 hour each

You get these tracks: Velvet Waves, Effortless Sleep, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Inner Calm, Tranquility

+ Full Sleep Sync User Guide

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