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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is 'SleepSync' safe to listen to?

A. YES. However, we do advise you to not listen to any SleepSync audio's, while driving, operating machinery, or under the influence of alcohol or mind altering drugs, whether legal or illegal.

You should discontinue use if experiencing any sort of adverse reactions, and consult with a medical professional.

Woman in a deep sleepQ. Do I need to use headphones?

A. NO. Most brainwave entrainment products for sleep on the market use 'binaural beats', and they 'only' work if you listen to them with headphones. However, the SleepSync audio's were created with the most advanced form of brainwave entrainment, called Isochronic Tones.

In addition to being much more powerful and effective than binaural beats, Isochronic tones do not to be listened to with headphones, which is essential if you are using them to get to sleep.

Q. I'm already taking sleeping pills, is it still safe to listen to SleepSync?

A. YES. the SleepSync audio's can be listened to while you are still taking sleeping pills. We do not recommend that you just stop taking them straight away, particularly if you have been a regular user for quite a long time, as the shock to the system may cause you problems. We advise you to talk to your doctor, and work out a program to gradually reduce the intake of sleeping pills, while you continue to listen to the SleepSync tracks.

Q. How long will it take for me to start sleeping better, after listening to the SleepSync program?

A. You must understand that everyone is different and some people will react to the entrainment faster than others. Positive results can be experienced literally from the first time you listen to SleepSync, especially if your main problem is 'trouble getting to sleep'.

If you experience unbroken sleep throughout the night, some users report that it takes 2 or 3 nights of use, to start really see the maximum benefit of using the product.

Q. Can I listen to SleepSync throughout the night?

A. YES. SleepSync is a 3 part sleep improvement system. The SleepBuddy track has been designed specifically to be played throughout the night.

It works by stimulating your brainwaves to closely emulate a typical 8 hour sleep cycle.

Q. Do I need any special audio/sound equipment?

A. The SleepSync audio tracks are provided to you for instant download as digital MP3 audio files. The MP3 audio files can be uploaded and listened to on an iPod, Apple MAC computer, PC, Laptop or any MP3 compatible audio player.

You can also burn the MP3 files to a CD using free CD burning software like iTunes.

Note: If you burn the audio files to a CD, your CD player must be able to play MP3 files, so check out your CD player for the MP3 logo. If it has that, you will be ok.

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Q. What is 'brainwave entrainment' and how can it help me sleep better?

Man refreshed from a good sleepA. Your brain continually produces electrical activity, even when you are asleep. Neurologists found that this activity can be recorded in the form of brainwave patterns, also known as 'brainwaves'.

Many scientific studies have shown that the brainwave activity in the brain can be influenced and corrected, when it is stimulated with specific beats and sounds. This process is known as 'Brainwave Entrainment', and can be extremely effective when used correctly.

Various forms of brainwave entrainment has been used in many different cultures for hundreds of years. Long before scientists where able to measure out brainwave patterns.

Lots of historical references show that our ancestors used drums and or chanting to induce and experience different states of mind. Some cultures still use the same methods today.

This entrainment phenomena is not just confined to our brains; it's universal and appears in chemistry, biology, neurology, pharmacology, medicine, astronomy and more.

  • If you put a number of pendulum clocks on the wall and started them at different times, you will find that within a day or sooner, all of the pendulums will start to synchronize with each other in perfect unison.

  • Studies have shown that when a group of women live and sleep very closely together, after a while their menstrual cycles will start to adjust in happen at the same time.

  • If you ever listen to an audience clapping, you will notice that if it goes on for a while, people will start to clap in tune with each other, without consciously thinking about it.

Your Different Mental States,
Measured By Your Brainwave Frequency...

SleepSync stimulates your brainwaves to help you sleep betterThrough the advancement of neurological research, we are now able to accurately identify what frequency ranges our brainwaves are in, during certain mental states.

For example:

  • 'Beta' 12hz - 38hz, is the most common mental state for most of us when we are awake during the day.

  • The 'Alpha' range is between 8hz - 12hz, and in this state we are awake but relaxed, and not processing much information.

  • During light sleep or deep relaxation we are usually in between the 3hz to 8hz range. Also known as 'Theta'.

  • When we are in a deep sleep, our brainwave frequency is usually very low, between 0.2hz to 3hz which is also referred to as 'Delta'.

With this knowledge and more in depth research, we are now able to develop brainwave entrainment programs, to match the frequency range of our desired mental state, and produce brainwave synchronization.

Brainwave Entrainment Methods

For the brain to be effectively entrained, every Pulse or 'beat has to produce an individual electrical imprint on the brain, called a 'Cortical Evoked Response'. The stronger the beat, the stronger the entrainment effect.

Binaural Beats

The most well known form of modern brainwave entrainment uses Binaural Beats.

Binaural Beats are created by sending a different tone into each ear. The tones are mixed together 'inside' your head by your brain, resulting in a pulse also called a 'beat'. So as an example, you might send a frequency of 200hz into your left ear, and 190hz into the right. This would create a a beating tone in your brain at 10hz.

The beat you hear is actually created inside your head, not externally. This is because your brain creates the beat after working out the differences from each ear.

Because of how Binaural Beats work, you always have to listen to them with headphones on, so that each ear can receive a different frequency. This is obviously very impractical when you are trying to sleep, which is a key factor in why we do not use Binaural Beats in the SleepSync audio program.

Isochronic Tones - The Strongest Form Of Audio Entrainment

Isochronic tones are created in a completely different way to Binaural and Monaural Beats. Instead of two different tones being combined together, just a single tones is used.

The beat is created by turning the tone on and off at regular intervals. This is also referred to as Amplitude Entrainment.

As you can see from diagram below, Isochronic beats are significantly more obvious and stronger. The resulting entrainment effect is much more powerful than Binaural and Monaural Beats.

isochronic tone

Mixed With Music

Brainwave entrainment can be mixed with normal music and white/brown/pink noise very effectively, which can really enhance the user experience and make the beats more pleasant and relaxing to to listen to.

The image below shows an Isochronic tones that has been mixed with music. Although the individual pulses are not separated as clearly, the resulting entrainment effect is still very effective on the brain.

isochronic tone embedded in music

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"I've already recommended you to two of my co- workers and my brother."

Ever since I've been doing shift-work, getting decent sleep has been a big issue in my life. I've found it almost impossible to adjust to the different sleep patterns, and seem to feel tired when I'm supposed to be awake and awake when I'm supposed to be asleep.

I started having to rely on a few glasses of alcohol to make me feel sleepy and hopefully keep me asleep for a while. But I was getting pressure from my wife to stop doing that.

I gave SleepSync a go without expecting it to work if I'm honest...but I'm amazed how effective it actually is! I get a good 7 hours or so sleep now, whichever shift I'm on, and I'm told I hardly snore now, which was a problem for my wife when I slept at the same time as her.

I've already recommended you to two of my co-workers and my brother.

Victor Gonzalez LA

"I don't know how long it takes me to get to sleep now, it just seems very quick."

Getting to sleep had become a massive problem for me, as I just couldn't switch off at bedtime. I'd feel really tired and ready for bed, but then as soon as I hit the pillow my mind would be buzzing with all sorts of stuff and I couldn't get comfortable. It often used to take me a couple of hours or more to fall asleep.

When I first read about SleepSync I was very sceptical, because I just thought it would be like those other basic mood tracks out there. I couldn't see how it would be any different and what all the fuss was about. I was starting to feel desperate so I thought anything is worth a try.

The first night I listened to SpeedySleep I quickly noticed the beats taking effect, almost in a kind of hypnotic way (I don't know if that is the intention?). I loved the wind chimes and the waves as well.

I don't know how long it takes me to get to sleep now, it just seems very quick and I suppose that's testament to how good it's working for me. Thank you very much!

Hazel Robards NY.

"I had the best nights sleep for a long time."

I usually get to sleep quite quickly, but my trouble has always been waking up in the night. So for me, it was the Sleep Trainer and Sleep Buddy tracks that I was looking forward to trying.

The first night I had SleepBuddy on throughout the night as suggested, and if I'm honest I didn't notice a big change in my sleep.

But then the following night I listened to SleepTrainer as well, and that made all the difference. Combining the two really helped me relax more in bed, and I had the best nights sleep for a long time.

Sharon Widenham. Northampton. UK

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